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                Welcome to the official website of the LightCup™ Light Bulb Changer: “The Most Practical Light Bulb Changer in The World”.  Using the LightCup™ is the simplest way to change any standard flat or rounded lens covered light bulb installed in your home or business. No getting out the ladder or climbing one, no bulky poles to store, no flimsy metal cages to break bulbs, no batteries for expensive motorized vacuum units. LightCup™ provides an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to change your standard light bulbs.

                Simply place LightCup™ on the end of any standard broom handle, ½” PVC pipe, or any pole with the same diameter, make sure the string included in your LightCup™ kit is tied through the hole on the edge of the cup, place the cup on the face of the bulb gently and twist counter-clock wise.  Bring the bulb down easy and peel the side of the LightCup™ to release the bulb. Place the new bulb on the LightCup™ and lock in place. Lift bulb up to the light socket, insert turning clockwise until snug (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN) and just pull easy on the string to release. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!  (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO COMMERCIAL!)

                When you’re all done, simply put your LightCup™ back into its holding box and fit into any standard size small kitchen drawer! It’s right there, handy and ready to use for the next time, taking up virtually no space.

Your LightCup™ Kit comes with not one, but TWO different LightCups to use: (See Picture of Kit HERE)

                Our Original LightCup™ (see photo below) is perfect for all of those hard to reach can lights with flat lens surfaces (Can Lights, Flood Lights, Etc), especially for those areas right under the staircase where you can’t put a ladder. LightCup™ handles those in just a few minutes!

                Our Rounded LightCup™ (see photo below) is just right for all those circular bulbs, especially the ones inside those hard to reach ceiling fan lenses you can’t get your hand into. LightCup™ goes right in and takes care of those in a snap! No ladder balancing, no ceiling fan glass breakage, just quick and easy light bulb changing.

                Now for the best part: THE PRICE! Light bulb changers can go as high as $100 for those motorized contraptions. Most have poles you have to store or you need to buy THEIR special pole to use them. YOU’RE JUST CHANGING A LIGHT BULB, RIGHT? The LightCup™ Kit makes it simple, painless and inexpensive with a price for BOTH cups with string and directions for just $12.00 + $3.00 s/h per unit (Add 8% tax for California Residents). Just go HERE to purchase yours today! We accept Visa, MasterCard and eChecks via PayPal.

                Try the LightCup™ and you’ll see why it really is The Most Practical Light Bulb Changer In The World! GET YOURS TODAY!

Original Light Cup
Rounded Light Cup
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