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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is the best way to store your LightCup™ Set?
    The best method to keep your LightCups in shape and ready to perform for years to come is to keep the original box they were shipped in and when you are done using LightCup™, simply place them inside the box CONE UP, shut the lid and store wherever convenient under normal temperatures. You can leave the packing peanuts or place paper towels around the LightCups inside the box to keep them upright. This insures they keep their form and are ready to use whenever you need them.

  • Is there a special kind of string I need to use for the LightCup™?
    No, but we have found that the string that works best is Size #10 Crochet String, found at most local craft and department stores.

  • Do you ship LightCup™ internationally?
    Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world internationally that is reached by USPS International First Class Mail. Please note that all international shipments are subject to duties by their ruling government’s customs departments and if sent direct by us, will be sent as ‘Merchandise’. The duty taxes imposed on these shipments are the full responsibility of the person receiving the package in their foreign country. If your LightCup purchase is being made as a ‘Gift’, we recommend shipping it to a domestic (Inside the USA) location, and then sending it yourself as a ‘Gift’ on the customs form with a value of $1 USD to prevent your recipient from needing to pay duty to accept their gift.

  • Can I use LightCup™ on low wattage fluorescent bulbs?
    Only if they are encased in a flat, smooth or rounded outside surface that the LightCup™ can adhere to. It does not work with the angled tubular fluorescent bulbs.

  • What are the dimensions of the shipping/storage box LightCup™ comes in?
    A little more than 6” x 4” x 3”. Fits very nicely in most standard kitchen or household drawers.
Wondering what kind of holding power the LightCup™ has? Check out a picture of our Rounded LightCup™ attached to a ceiling fan light bulb, holding the weight of a full size broom HERE!

Is there a question you have that you would like to see on here? Please let us know at comments@lightcup.net or call us at (888) 843-5672

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